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Helping Families Learn How They Can
Have Uplifting End-of-This-Life Transitions

The transition from the earth plane to the next realm is a great awakening into the next stage of a person’s life. It should be shared by family members in the peaceful, private surroundings the person making the transition lived in in the last period of this life. The family present can share in the experience and be uplifted and changed by it. AREI supports organizations and individuals who are teaching people about having a fulfilling transition experience.

Helping Families Grow in Love and Understanding by Sharing Crossings

William Peters,

William Peters, MFt, MEd

The Shared Crossing Project’s mission is to raise awareness and educate people about the profound and healing experiences available to the dying and their loved ones, at any stage of life. The organization’s vision is to create a personal and collective understanding that consciousness doesn’t die. This knowledge alleviates the fear and anxiety surrounding death and facilitates a shift in consciousness that allows people to live more fully, with joy, meaning, compassion, and love.

While death and dying often bring up feelings of pain and fear, the Shared Crossing Project helps the dying and their loved ones understand what happens to consciousness as the body dies. Understanding reduces anxiety and enables the dying and their loved ones to be at peace. The Shared Crossing Project also teaches practices for facilitating a Shared Death Experience in which survivors share in early stages of the afterlife with their departing loved one, via the Shared Crossing Pathway.

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