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Pioneering experts on afterlife communication will teach you about these important discoveries:

Counselors are aiding in afterlife communication

How counselors help people have afterlife communication
More . . .

How to develop mental mediumship skills

Methods being used to help develop people’s mental mediumship skills
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Using hypnosis to have afterlife communication

How to self-hypnotise for afterlife communication
(With training procedures)

Your pre-birth planning

Life between lives
More . . .

How to develop physical mediumship, where tables and objects move and people materialize

How to set up circles for developing physical medium skills

What new physical mediumship circles are doing to have manifestations
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How you can record voices of people in the afterlife

How to record afterlife voices
(Free workshop)

Recording unborn babies’ eternal selves and what they’ve said

Recording minds of people in comas and Alzheimer’s speaking
More . . .

The symposium is for researchers, caregivers, and the general public:

These experts in the most successful methods of afterlife communication and making a comfortable death transition will meet to

  • Share discoveries and insights into methods of afterlife communication and making a comfortable death transition in their areas of focus
  • Network to collaborate on afterlife and death transition research, development, education, and implementation projects
  • Demonstrate their methods for the national media and potential funding sources
  • Train attending professionals who work with people nearing their transition and families whose loved ones have transitioned. These professionals include clergy, psychotherapists, spiritual counselors, healthcare workers, hospice workers, and others.
  • Give presentations and hold workshops for the general public interested in learning how to communicate with loved ones in the afterlife and how to help people understand and go through the death transition

Hotel information and reservations
Mediums available for private readings
Tour of Sedona and the Red Rocks


Afterlife Research and Education Symposium Organizers

Roberta Grimes, Esq.

R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D.

Susanne Wilson, M.A.

Victor Zammit, Ph.D.

Wendy Zammit, M.A.