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Voices Across The Veil makes afterlife communication experiences available

Michelle Szabo, RMT

Voices Across The Veil, launched in 2014, is a research project offering small group sessions with experienced mediums to people around the world. The sessions, conducted online via video conference, makes them easily accessible and provides an affordable means for people around the world to experience personal communication from loved ones who have crossed over. The project was created in response to many people asking us, though AfterlifeData, how they could communicate with deceased loved ones or get their own evidence of life after death through a medium. Since we didn’t know mediums around the world, and particularly in specific locations, we decided to deliver the mediums to them. This was the start of Voices Across the Veil.

Voices Across the Veil provides people…

  • healing when grieving, confused or feeling lost
  • evidence that life continues after what we call death
  • with a new way of thinking about death and their own lives in order to live more fully and shift their views about themselves and others
  • answers to their questions about life, death and the afterlife

“I would like to contact a medium. I would love to know more about my purpose is here on earth.” 
~ Nick

“My son age 27 after suffering from many mental illnesses, co[m]mitted suicide. Is there any way I can help him?” 
~ Ray G.

Already Successful

Compelling data from our first 3 years of research tells us that people are interested, received important communications and the format works. See our data sampling to the right.

Quotes from past participants…

“…the nature of the one reading and given the edge of grief and the transformation I am going through, it is truly life changing. I hope that gives you appreciation for how critical the work you’re doing is to our evolving state of consciousness.” 
~ Krista, Voices Across the Veil participant

“The readings were excellent. My own had many evidential statements….The format works very well for allowing people to have a reading from a qualified, talented, evidential medium…with little cost to the participant.” 
~ Craig Hogan, President AREI and 
Voices Across the Veil participant

“The pool comment and the cowboy comment was very accurate.100%”
~ Voices Across the Veil participant

 “The information was specific enough to the deceased person/people as to not be mistaken. Also I later questioned some information with another person and learned that an event happened that I had no knowledge of that made it even more accurate.” 
~ Voices Across the Veil participant

“I expected [the medium] to connect to my grandparents but I was pleasantly surprised when she was also able to connect to a sibling that passed away at a very young age.” 
~ Voices Across the Veil participant

A Sample Session

In this video https://youtu.be/Xju1vFqDrLQ, you will see 2 Voices Across the Veil sessions with the same participant and 2 different mediums. Note that both mediums brought this person’s son through to communicate with her. The sessions were 11 months apart and the mediums do not know who will be on the sessions.

The Importance of this Research

Voices Across the Veil is an important research project investigating the reality of life after death. It allows people to participate in a worldwide research project and gain valuable, personal evidence of life after death for themselves. The project…

  • is poised to become the largest multi-cultural research project on the afterlife in the world
  • contributes to a growing body of information increasing the scope of evidence on AfterlifeData.com
  • provides validation for the existence of a conscious, non-physical reality
  • provides access to highly-skilled and qualified mediums to people who normally may not have the means or proximity to experience first-hand communication with those who have crossed over

Life After Death Research that is Meaningful to Each Individual

The sessions themselves are very meaningful to each participant whether they are receiving their own message or watching others receive messages. Before and after each session, participants are asked a series of questions in pre- and post-questionnaires that measure topics such as: demographics, personal practices, previous experiences with mediums, beliefs, death anxiety, death attitudes, session accuracy, etc. Once the data is collected, it is analyzed by our team of research psychologists and afterlife experts and presented in aggregate form so that others visiting our websites may benefit from it.

Future Advancements with Your Funding

Through your funding, Voices Across the Veil can be expanded to allow more people to experience successful afterlife communication. You will be able to watch with love and joy the effects this has on each individual, at every level of society, throughout the world. You are the big difference-maker because your support helps people with their grief, better understand who they truly are, and improve their relationships with others in their lives.

Your funding can make the following possible…

  • expansion of the program so more sessions are available to help more people around the world
  • access to multi-lingual mediums so people in every culture and nation can have access to afterlife communications
  • translation of website to other languages
  • transcription of sessions to expand research analysis further
  • analysis of live sessions, particularly listening for evidential ‘hits’, electronic voice phenomenon, and other phenomenon
  • more in-depth analysis using statistical software
  • additional staff for research, programming, design, marketing, administration
  • provide additional types of sessions that will focus on more detailed information about the structure and organization of non-physical reality
  • a grief counseling intervention system for people who use the Voices Across the Veil service but obviously need more in-depth, personal help with their grief
  • develop presentations and reports to be used on websites, at conferences, at public venues, and more

Creators & Facilitators

Voices Across the Veil was co-created and is facilitated by Michelle Szabo, RMT and Dr. Dennis Grega. Both are experienced researchers and developers who have worked with afterlife information as well as created numerous database-backed applications and websites.

Michelle Szabo is an energy healer and intuitive. She has a passionate interest in the afterlife and the arts and serves as an Executive Board Member of the Southern Missouri Arts Connection. Michelle has blended her research, communication, design, writing, and teaching experience with her interest in the afterlife to co-create and facilitate Voices Across the Veil. “When people are willing to think about things differently, their life changes. My hope is that Voices Across the Veil will help individuals  learn to look at life and death in a more positive and blended way.” Contact: michelle@afterlifedata.com

Dr. Dennis Grega earned his PhD in Research Psychology from New York University. He brings a life-long study in esoteric subjects with strong database skills to Voices Across the Veil as a co-creator and facilitator. Previously, Dennis spent time as a research psychologist at NYU Medical Center and as an adjunct professor of psychology teaching research design and statistical analysis at Hunter College. Contact: dennis@afterlifedata.com

Dr. Michelle Wareing is an academic researcher based in the UK. Her main interest is in studying the afterlife and focusing on how science and spirit can work together in order to find a wider and deeper understanding of consciousness and spirituality. Michelle is also interested in life between lives hypnotherapy and near death experiences. She has been instrumental in analyzing and presenting our research data.

Funding Needed and Details

Startup expenses will be $1,722,980.

Detailed project explanations and specifications are available upon request.