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AREI Support for Communicating with the Stations

The Afterlife Research and Education Institute is supporting work to establish connections with stations in other realms that allow people now living in the afterlife to communicate with loved ones on the earth plane. Eventually, we anticipate that anyone will be able to communicate with loved ones using the connections with the stations.

We have learned that scientists in other realms (the afterlife, other dimensions, other planes) are assembling what they call “stations.” They are very explicit in their descriptions of the activities at the stations. They construct what they call “machines” that are able to convey the thought impressions of people and other beings through the station over transmissions lines they describe as a “grid,” rather in the form like a fly swatter’s two-dimensional surface. Electromagnetism is involved. The signals come to us on the earth plane and can be imprinted on electronic devices, such as the hard drive of a computer or the speaker of a radio. The patterns imprinted on the hard drive then play back as voices. There are no voices involved in the transmission or recording, however. What is imprinted on the hard drive is electromagnetic patterns that are the same as though we had recorded a voice; they play back as a voice.

We have learned that there are at least three stations: the Brazilian Station, the Rio do Tempo (Timestream) Station, and the North American Station.

The Brazilian Station

Sonia2_200x200There is a Brazilian Station that the researcher Sonia Rinaldi, in Brazil, is connecting to. The Brazilian Station has a machine with a Portuguese lexicon, the language of Brazil. The voices on the recordings are crystal clear. Sonia has done as many as 163 sessions of parents connecting with their children in the afterlife in a single month, with as many as 200 questions and answers in a session. The parents all agree they have communicated with their children. The recordings of the sessions are in Portuguese.

When we brought Sonia to the U.S. for a conference on afterlife communication, we asked her to bring some recordings in English for our English-speaking attendees. She tried for months to have the Brazilian Station transmit vocal patterns in English, but they all continued to come in Portuguese. Even when she had someone ask questions in English, the responses were in Portuguese. She finally asked why she couldn’t receive English words. The station informed her that the Brazilian Station has a Portuguese lexicon and could not transmit in English.

Sonia did have a small number of words come through in English. You can hear Sonia asking a little girl if she has a message for her mother and the little girl’s response: Listen

Sonia also asked Craig’s mother if she had a message for him that she could give at the conference. Craig’s mother did respond. In this recording, she answers the question before Sonia asks the question. She tells me that she is ready now to communicate: Listen.

In January 2016, we learned that we could communicate with the Brazilian Station from Illinois. We did a series of recordings connecting with Marlene, a woman from Brazil now working with researchers in the next realm of life. Her responses were remarkably clear, but in Portuguese. Sonia had to translate. Her first words when we in Illinois began the recording session came before we even asked a question. She said, “Temos Americano,” meaning “We have an American guy”: Listen.

We were able to carry on several sessions communicating with Marlene. In other words, we connected easily with the Brazilian Station from Illinois. However, even though Marlene was a professional who spoke perfect English when she was on the earth plane, she could not speak English to us in Illinois from the Brazilian Station.

The Rio do Tempo (Timestream) Station

Anabela_200x200The Rio do Tempo Station has been in contact with Anabela Cardoso, the General Consul of Portugal and a career diplomat. She is the author of Electronic Voices: Contact with Another Dimension? She has been able to record voices using the background sound of white noise in place of the gibberish used with the Brazilian Station. She also records direct-radio voices (DRV) that come through the radio speaker. In DRV, the researcher is able to carry on a dialogue with the person in the other realm at the station. Anabela’s voices come through in Portuguese, Spanish, and English.

This example is from a DRV recording. Anabela’s explanation is with the recording. The text of it follows: Listen

The communicators were speaking and I (AC) asked: “Are you listening to me?”. The voice said first, “Vivem em conjunto” (“They live together”), then “Estou a ouvir” (“I am listening”).

A voice then addressed me: “Oh Bela [my petname] eles vao arranjar o Luis” (“Bela, they are going to find Luis”).

And another voice declared in Spanish, “Voy, voy!” (“I’m coming, I’m coming!”) Then a voice says “Eu sou o Luis; e uma mensagem pa voce!” (“I am Luis; it is a message for you!”).

The North American Station

When we brought Sonia Rinaldi to the U.S. for a conference on afterlife communication, we intended to learn her procedure and replicate it in the U.S. We learned that teams in the realm where the stations are located had decided to establish a North American Station to communicate in English because of our interest in having loved ones come through to speak to people on the earth plane, especially children coming through to help alleviate the grief their parents feel. We began to use the same protocol Sonia was using, and in two months, were receiving responses in English. Since they were not in Portuguese, we realized that in fact the teams were establishing a North American Station. We asked them whether we were communicating with the North American Station, and they responded that we were. The communications become clearer in the weeks that followed: Listen to examples

The first communications were simple repetitions of words. We would say, “Please repeat . . . Scotland,” and when we played back the recording, we would hear the gibberish sounds, our question, and the clear response from them, “Scotland.” However, after a few weeks, the responses stopped. We were disheartened, but continued to try to receive the communications.

After a month of poor reception or no reception, the team at the North American Station communicated to us through the talented medium, Susanne Wilson. Susanne was giving a reading to Roberta Grimes, one of the co-founders of AREI and a luminary helping people understand the afterlife and afterlife communication. In the reading, Roberta’s guides told Susanne they had a message from the team at the North American Station for us. They said not to give up on our effort to establish the connection. The problem was that entities in a realm between the earth plane and the station had begun to interfere with the signal as it came through their realm. They are negative entities that are created and nourished by negative forces on the earth plane: conflict, anger, war, cruelty, violence, and all the other negative activities and emotions. They knew that when humankind learns to communicate with the other realms of life, including the realm we call the afterlife, humankind will learn to live in brotherhood and love, with compassion and concern for others. The entities will cease to exist because the negative activities and emotions that nourish them will abate. They have a survival instinct. The team told us through Susanne that in 2016, the entities will be “vanquished.” In a later communication, they explained that they will “compress” the negative entities with love.

Further communications confirmed that the signal from the North American Station will be able to come through without interference by September 2016. AREI then will be able to teach others how to connect to the station and will ourselves help parents communicate with their children on the other side first, then help people in general connect with loved ones.