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“An exciting frontier in end-of-life care is emerging from the fascinating work of the Shared Crossing Project.”

Dr. Eben Alexander, neurosurgeon and author of
Proof of Heaven; Map of Heaven; Living in a Mindful Universe

Shared Crossing Testimonial Project (SCTP) Description

SCRI’s mission is to raise awareness and educate people about the profound healing experiences available at end of life.  SCRI teaches unique protocols that increase loving connections and enhance the possibility for shared crossings and shared death experiences with loved ones at the end of life.

The Shared Crossing Testimonial Project (SCTP)* seeks to gather personal accounts of shared crossings through written and video recordings.  Shared crossings are experiences whereby loved ones report communications “across the veil,” which are detailed in our Spectrum, shown below.

Gathered accounts will be presented by William Peters and Dr. Michael Kinsella at various local, national, and international events (see below).  The SCTP is the only project of its kind that is gathering an international library of personal accounts of profound healing experiences around death.  These accounts form the basis for an upcoming book co-authored with Paul Perry (four-time New York Times bestselling author).  The aspiration of this book is to apply stories of shared crossings to transform personal and societal relations to death and dying.


:  Displays of conscious, connected, and loving end-of-life experiences serve as a prototype for others to follow. They also offer a life-changing perspective by awakening people to what matters most in life. These firsthand accounts often lead to significant personal transformations in the lives of listeners; which we aim to harness to effect positive socio-cultural transformation related to end of life.

“When my dear friend was dying I was sitting vigil with two other caregivers. I was so thankful for the Shared Crossing training as it prepared me for the amazing, heart-opening experiences that occurred during and after the death of my friend. 

– Arlene Radasky

Shared Crossing Testimonial Project Goals and Outcomes

GOALS: The SCTP plans to initiate community building and dialog (local, national, and international, as well as both academic and non-academic) around shared crossing experiences and their therapeutic benefits:

  • Collect, document, and classify narratives of shared crossings from diverse populations (ethnicity, age, nationality, religious/spiritual orientation, etc.) that will contribute to the first database of its kind:
    • 150 written accounts
    • 75 video recorded accounts (and transcriptions)
  • Initiate qualitative and quantitative studies of accumulated shared crossing accounts
  • Expand awareness of and information about shared crossings and methods enabling them through presentations, publications, and social media. These efforts include:
    • Appearances on national media programs, (Peters has already appeared on Coast-to-Coast AM, Lisa Garr Aware Show AM, and others national programs)
    • National and International conference presentations:
      • Association for Death Educators and Counselors (ADEC)
      • National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO)
      • Afterlife Research and Education Institute (AREI)
      • International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS)
      • American Center for Spiritually Transformative Experiences (ACISTE)
      • American Academy of Religion (AAR)
    • Local presentations:
      • Santa Barbara Cottage Grand Rounds (Psychiatric and Palliative Care)
      • Local Hospices (HSB, VNHC, Sarah House, Assisted, Central Coast, etc.)
      • California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)
      • Santa Barbara Center for Life Long learning, Vistas Lifelong Learning, etc.
      • Local spiritual religious organizations (Unity, Unitarian Society, etc.)

OUTCOMES:  By the end of year one of the project, the SCTP expects to have produced:

  • An enhanced and interactive website that promotes dialog and support via social media outreach for shared crossing experiencers, loved ones, and those who attend to the dying
  • An academic article targeted to Omega: Journal of Death and Dying
  • Numerous conference presentations targeting academic and non-academic audiences
  • A complete series of narratives for a book manuscript co-authored with Paul Perry
William Peters, Director

$25/hour      20 hours/week

Michael Kinsella, Researcher

$35/hour      20 hours/week (six months)

$35/hour        5 hours/week (six months)



Kattie Bachar, Research Assistant

$22/hour      20 hours/week

Administrative Assistant/Webmaster

(effective May 1st)

$22/hour      20 hours/week

Attendance for 6 conferences @ approx. $2,000.00 each

(includes registration, airfare, lodging, and per diems)

Qualitative research software (for multiple users),

Audio/video transcription services (x75), video data

storage, misc.

Subtotal:              $109,960.00
NONPROFIT FISCAL SPONSOR (10%)     $10,996.00
Total Budget:  $120,956.00

* SCTP is a program under the Shared Crossing Research Initiative (SCRI), a not-for-profit collaboration with the Family Therapy Institute. To make a tax-deductible charitable donation make your checks out to “Family Therapy Institute” and write “SCRI/SCTP” in the memo line.