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Physical Mediumship Research

Physical Mediumship Will Demonstrate to People the Reality of the Afterlife

Today, a variety of physical mediums and mediumship gatherings, called “circles,” are emerging and growing around the world. AREI has its own circle with a physical medium and three trance mediums.

In the more mature circles, participants are experiencing physical phenomena in the room. The physical phenomena can be spirit lights, raps, knocks, touches of the sitters, odors, movement of objects, objectives dropping out of no where into the room, full or partial materializations, voices that come out of the air or a voice box created by the spirit team, table movement and levitation, and other such phenomena.

Loved ones of sitters in the room who have passed away materialize, walk to the person who is grieving for them, talk to them, and even touch and kiss them.

AREI’s goal is to identify physical mediums in the population who can develop their mediumship abilities and demonstrate to groups of people that their loved ones are alive and well after passing away, that they need not fear the transition, and that they can live their lives more fully and lovingly knowing we are all on this earth plane for a brief time, journeying together. Concomitantly, AREI wants to help circles develop to nurture these physical mediums.

Value of Physical Mediumship Research and Development

The experiences people have in physical mediumship circles are so dramatic that they change participants’ perspectives on life and the nature of existence. The person experiencing a reunion with a materialized loved one who has been gone for years has a profound change of view about life and the transition called death. The sitters experiencing the reunion are transformed as well.

AREI believes there are many physical and trance mediums in the general population. They just aren’t discovered and nurtured. If hundreds of physical mediums were demonstrating to groups of people that life does not end with the death transition, large numbers of people would experience life changes.

Project Needing Funding

Providing Validation for Physical Mediumship

Physical mediumship dramatically demonstrates the reality that people survive bodily death and are available to communicate. The evidence is strong because events precipitated by the people in spirit happen in the physical space around groups of people who witness the events. The problem researchers have had with using this clear evidence to demonstrate survival of consciousness is that much of the physical mediumship work is accomplished in the dark, methods of demonstrating the validity of the phenomena have not been readily available, and the testing conditions have not been rigorous enough to state conclusively that the phenomena are created by people in spirit.

This proposal is for validating the events in physical mediumship through these measures:

  1. Discussions among physical mediums and people who have been involved in circles about methods of validating physical mediumship phenomena.
  2. Identifying rigorous protocols that will enable researchers to gather data showing that physical mediumship events are precipitated by people no longer using bodies
  3. Engaging researchers in setting up the research procedures to test the validity of the physical  mediumship events
  4. Recording the events so they can be reviewed by objective observers

Throughout the research, the sanctity of the connections and messages for loved ones will be of prime consideration.

Project Results

  • Validation of the validity of physical mediumship events
  • Protocols researchers can used to test and validate new physical mediums

Stage 1: Determining the best methods of validating physical mediumship phenomena

AREI is now organizing an online Zoom summit of physical mediums and people involved in physical mediumship from around the world to discuss what designs must be used to prove the validity and integrity of physical mediumship. The findings will lead to the research. A budget for the research will be developed after the designs have been created.