Physical Mediumship Circle and Medium Development 2017-02-26T15:42:20-06:00

How Mediums Can Be Nurtured (panel discussion)

Susanne Wilson
Susanne Wilson

Susanne Wilson
R. Craig Hogan

Susanne Wilson
Camber Wilson

Rob Blackburn
Rob Blackburn

There will be a panel discussion that includes Susanne Wilson, AREI Medium Research & Education Director, Craig Hogan, Camber Wilson, a developing mental medium, and Rob Blackburn, a developing physical medium. The discussion will be about how mental and physical mediums can be mentored and nurtured. Susanne has been working with Camber and Craig has been working with Rob. The discussion will include comments about the occurrences over time, future efforts, and the differences between nurturing and developing a mental medium as compared to a physical medium.

Organizing Physical Mediumship circles

Susan B. Barnes, Ph.D.

Susan BarnesSusan is a communication professor, medium, and spirit artist. She is a certificate holder from the Spiritualist National Union (SNU) and tutors mediumship classes on SNUi, She has been trained in mediumship at the Arthur Findlay College and The International Spiritualist Federation.. Her work has been featured in the Psychic News, Psychic Observer and several television programs. In addition she is the curator of the Spirit Art Gallery in Cassadaga, New York. She has authored eight books including: Visual Communication: From Cave Art to Second Life, Branding as Communication, and Spiritualist Basics.

Susan holds spirit art classes and teaches automatic drawing. She begins her medium readings by having the person being read choose a wax card with a design on it. During the reading, the image of the face of a loved one appears in the wax. Susan identifies the relationship to the person being read of the individual whose image appears in the wax and then proceeds with her medium reading. The faces in the cards change. They become stronger and sometimes disappear after being identified. The card is given to the person to keep.

In her presentation for the symposium, Susan will explain the procedure she has gone through to establish physical mediumship circles. She most recently has designed a space for physical seances in Lily Dale, New York. For years, Susan has been practicing Spiritualism and natural law. She sat in physical circles and tutored developing physical/trance mediums. She sits with spirit photographer Shannon Taggart to capture physical phenomena on film. Susan will share transfiguration and table tipping photos of herself and other mediums.

Developing Materialization Mediumship

Jan W. Vandersande, Ph.D.

Jan VandersandeDr. Jan W. Vandersande completed his undergraduate work at Swarthmore College, his M.Sc. in physics at Cornell in 1969, and Ph.D. in physics at the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa while studying the thermal properties of diamonds. He then taught at Witwatersrand and Cornell. He has published more than 80 scientific articles and now serves as the communications director for VIASPACE, Inc., a high-tech company.

In his book Life After Death: Some of the Best Evidence, Jan discusses physical mediumship, exploring some of the best and most interesting cases of various physical phenomena while also reporting on his own observations of some genuine physical mediums.

Jan has a physical mediumship circle that after a few years has been getting table levitation for up to 30 seconds and several feet high. Also chimes hanging from the ceiling ring several times during the sitting.

In this symposium presentation, Jan will show slides of materializations and explain the materialization mediumship involved. He will describe how his circle has been developing as an example for other physical mediumship circles.