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Need for People to Help Establish the North American ITC Station

Rob Washburn and Craig Hogan are replicating Sonia Rinaldi’s work as they help teams on the other side establish the North American Station. The station must establish what amounts to telegraph lines, but they’re connections through the realms between us and them over which the messages can be conveyed. AREI invites anyone who is willing to do so to set up a PC to record messages and regularly work at connecting with the station. We will help anyone who wants to participate. Contact Craig at

Physical Medium in Springfield, Michigan, Needs Circle Members

Physical mediums develop their abilities by having dedicated circles, which are meetings of a small group of people focusing on love, spirit, and having fun. The circles meet for an hour or hour and a half every week to sing with rousing music and wait on spirit to become active in the room. Eventually, the physical medium and circle members will create enough energy for things to move in the room, people to materialize, and voices to speak clearly. A physical medium in Springfield, Michigan, is looking for people to dedicate themselves to meeting every week with her as the circle develops the physical mediumship. For more, contact Craig at