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Marcello Bacci Tribute Conference

AREI, in collaboration with the  Italian associations “ArtInMovimento”-Torino, and “IF”-Como, is organizing a conference for the benefit of the worldwide well-known, former ITC explorer, Marcello Bacci. This important event is titled Approaching Your Inner Self: Utopia, Institution  and Science. The conference will take place at the Congress Hall of Cascina Marchesa, Torino-Italy on April 6, 2019, offering to its attendees an opportunity to spend an interesting day and learn to approach their inner selves, thus deepening  the link between research and spirituality.

The congress continues the campaign of the “Grazie, Signor Bacci – Project“ started by iDigital Medium in 2018. It will be promoted by ArtInMovimento – Torino (IT), in collaboration with AREI. This humble Tuscan has dedicated his whole life to comfort and giving hope to parents in grief. The complete revenues and any single donation will actually be transferred over to Italy’s greatest ITC pioneer, nowadays totally retired because of severe illness and living in impoverished conditions.

Marcello Bacci, in his later years on the earth is in need of support to live comfortably. We are asking that anyone able to donate funds to help Bacci do so.

Italy Donations

A.C.S.D. ArtInMovimento-Corso Verona, 20-10152 Torino (TO)
IBAN: IT17Q0335967684510700210195 [Banca Prossima] Payment Reference: Marcello Bacci

United States Donations

Marcello Bacci

To hear the spirit voices, Bacci constantly adjusts the knobs as he tunes into the white noise of the short wave band (between 7 – 9 megahertz). When he turns the knobs to just the right frequency, spirit voices come through the speaker giving messages to loved ones in the room. Participants immediately affirm when it is the voice of their loved one. The communication can be as short as 10 seconds or as long as four minutes. The spirit voices are clear, as though speaking into a microphone, and they differ from each other acoustically. When the communication has ended, the normal static of the radio returns.
Voice analyses using voice-recognition software the FBI uses confirmed the voices matched the recordings of the deceased people’s voices when they were alive with 97% accuracy. Remarkably, when experimenters unplugged the radio, the voices still came through. When they went further and removed the tubes from the unplugged radio, the voices continued. Such is the remarkable gift Bacci has.

Content of the Conference

The event will also stimulate methods of learning to evolve, grow, and recognize our own capacities for experiencing utterly the “Here and Now.”
Items of this first edition are Spiritual Care (For The Dying), Power/Potency of Music, Empathic Relationship and Reliability between Soul and Mind, offering to its attendees opportunity to spend an interesting day and learn to approach their Inner Selves by keeping between research and spirituality.

Conference Leads

The conference leads are Imma Lucà, Odette Alloati and Annunziato Gentiluomo.


Speakers are R. Craig Hogan Ph.D., Daniela Muggia, Giovanni Occhipinti, Margherita De Palmas, Maurizio Scarpa, Vigilio Maule, Imma Lucà (IF president) Donatella Bardesano, Cesare Zanoni, and ArtInMovimento president, Annunziato Gentiluomo.

Participation Fee

The participation fee, 60 Euro, enrollment A.C.S.D. ArtInMovimento-Corso Verona, 20-10152 Torino (TO) IBAN: IT17Q0335967684510700210195 [Banca Prossima] in favor of Marcello Bacci.

About Annunziato Gentiluomo

United in the Light (, 2019, in its fourth annual conference, welcomed last year more than 300 attendees from all over Italy and other European countries. Dr. Gentiluomo has a PhD in Communication Sciences. He is a teacher, coach, essayist, journalist and expert in bio-natural disciplines. Dr. Gentiluomo is the promoter and host of the famous Afterlife Conference, Transitioning, and author of two books: Television quality. Social Definitions, Analysis and Perspectives and Veda, Learning How to Practice and Experience Reiki. He has also published various scientific articles about complementary and alternative medicine.

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