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Recording Voices of People Living in the Afterlife

Researchers are now recording the voices of people alive and well in the afterlife. They bring comfort to family members and provide proof that people continue to live after the body dies. With your help, we will improve on the verified, clear voice communication with people living in the afterlife, making it widely accessible.

Using Technology to Record Scientific Evidence of the Afterlife

Sonia Rinaldi, MS

Sonia Rinaldi, MS

Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) uses electronic devices such as digital recorders, radios, and video to record voices and images of people now living in what we call the afterlife. ITC provides the most convincing methods of validating, scientifically, the hypothesis of survival after death because it is verifiable and results in permanent records.

The Institute for Advanced Research in Instrumental Transcommunication (IPATI), coordinated by Sonia Rinaldi, MS, has been using a range of technology with increasing success to record the voices and images of people in the afterlife for 30 years. IPATI is seeking funding to refine the methods of recording afterlife voices and images and develop new methods. The results will have the scientific rigor that will provide evidence to the scientific community, and it will build a bridge that links spirituality and science.

Example of Sonia Rinaldi’s Work:

Sonia: “Would you like to leave a message to your mother?”

Little girl in spirit: “Mommy, I can talk.”

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Refining Methods of Recording Voices of Loved Ones in Spirit

Rev. Sheri Perl MIgdol

Rev. Sheri Perl MIgdol

AREI researchers are using digital recorders and laptops to record the messages from people living on the next plane of life. The responses from people in spirit are as clear as the voices on the researchers’ questions. AREI trainers are teaching people how they can record the voices of loved ones themselves. The primary trainer is Rev. Sheri Perl Migdol.

Example of the Voice Recordings

In this example, a child in spirit responds to Sheri’s question about new software she acquired that had background noise that was originally in Portuguese. You will hear the meaningless vocal syllables containing no words in the background that the communicators convert into full, meaningful sentences.

Sheri: “Say something to me in English to let me know I should use this.”

Child in spirit: “I speak in English.”

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