Hypnotism in Afterlife Communication 2016-07-18T12:07:44-05:00

Several researchers and developers are using hypnotism to help people enter a state in which they are able to have afterlife communication. AREI will be supporting these development efforts and helping the researchers identify new uses for hypnotism in afterlife communication. Current examples follow:

    R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D.

      ~ Self-Guided Afterlife Connections training people in self-hypnosis to have afterlife connections
      ~ Group induction script for afterlife communication used successfully with groups
      ~ Presentation at the Midwest Hypnotists Conference on the use of hypnosis in afterlife communication

    Rob Schwartz

      ~ Use of a group hypnosis script for afterlife communication

    Mark Pitstick, Ph.D.

      ~ Development and use of a group hypnosis script for afterlife communication

    Be Involved in This Group

    If you want to be informed about what this group in AREI is doing, send an e-mail to r.craig.hogan@www.afterlifestudies.org. Explain your special interests in hypnotism in afterlife communication and related activities. We will keep you informed about developments you can learn about or be involved in.