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Dennis Grega, Ph.D. is a compilation of information on a wide variety of topics related to life after death (the afterlife). The information is freely accessible on the Internet, and provides the knowledge people need to develop their understanding of the nature of life and the afterlife. is the largest database of afterlife description and analysis on the internet. The 80-source database contains the largest correlation of spirit communications about life after death. The results of the research comparing accounts of the nature of the afterlife in the archives show 94.4% agreement on 265 very specific afterlife topic areas, demonstrating the validity of the information. is a free resource library that was created in 2011 to provide a resource for researchers and laypersons alike about the existence of and evidence for life after death and related subjects. It has been visited by people from 160 countries. It presently contains almost 3,000 books covering 6 categories (Afterlife, Consciousness, Paranormal, Reincarnation, Religion, Science) and 49 sub-categories. We have also addressed commonly asked questions and answered them with recommendations of specific reading material. Future work includes adding new books, research papers and other reference material to the site.

Building a Curriculum Answering Humankind’s Pressing Questions

AREI and the developers of and are developing a curriculum of education materials that will teach people the realities about life, the transition when the body dies, the life after this life, and the realities of existence. It will use the vast resources of the two websites to make educational materials available to small groups, Zoom online discussion groups, organizations, and churches. The first effort is the core curriculum with answers to the most common questions people have about life and the afterlife:

Where do people go after the transition?
What is life like in the next world?
How can I communicate with my loved one in the next world?
How can we be certain we continue to live after the body stops?
Why do many scientists deny the afterlife exists?
Where is my loved one who has passed away?
Will we be judged and punished in the next life?
Is there a hell?
Is there a heaven?
What will happens in the hours after the transition?
Where do people go after the transition?
What is life like in the next world?

Developers of the Websites

Michelle Szabo, RMT, co-founder. Michelle is a researcher who is also a creative director, author, artist, musician, teacher, ordained priest and Reiki Master.

Dr. Dennis Grega, Ph.D., co-founder. Dennis is a research psychologist and skilled programmer, who has combined his training with computer technology to develop numerous software applications over the past 30 years.

Creators of The husband of the team has a Doctorate in Science from MIT. The wife is an accomplished spiritual medium since childhood. Together, they have recorded nearly 20 years of spiritual sessions with their spirit guides, departed family members and friends, and occasionally other spirits.

Dr. Michelle Wareing from the United Kingdom. Michelle is an academic researcher. She contributes to the review, understanding and expansion of all 3 sites and the data that has thus far been collected.

Dennis’s Bio

Dr. Dennis Grega received his PhD from New York University and has spent time as a research psychologist at NYU Medical Center. He has also served as an adjunct professor of psychology teaching research design and statistical analysis at Hunter College.

Dr. Grega now balances his time creating database-backed online applications and websites with his interest in the non-physical. He is a co-founder of (2008), the largest database of afterlife description and analysis on the internet. In 2012, he co-founded, a free resource library to help people explore life after death and related subjects. And in 2014, Dennis co-founded, an research project. This program connects people across the globe with highly qualified Mediums and those that have crossed the veil. Dennis and his small team of researchers have devoted many thousands of hours to investigating nearly 200 years of writings and continue to add to their research. The Voices Across the Veil program adds to the research begun on by investigating current, evidential mediumship.

Previously, Dr. Grega was CEO of MicroPower Group, who’s offerings included commercial software products, custom database and application development, web and logo design, internet/intranet programming, hosting services, and IT support.


  • has been visited by people from 212 countries.
  • has been visited by people from 160 countries.
  • To date, the team has analyzed and compared 80 primary sources across 265 key findings and have found a greater than 94% positive correlation between all of the material. We continue to analyze and compare additional source material.

Future Advancements with Funding

Funding can make this information widely available so people learn the reality of the afterlife, what life is like there, what the transition is like, and other important information most people don’t know about now.  The resources will have effects on people at every level of society throughout the world. Funding support will provide

  • translations of important, revealing works describing the afterlife into many languages
  • transcriptions of audio and video recordings to make information available in print that is now available only in audio and video
  • sophisticated statistical software for more in-depth analyses of the information to continue developing the emerging science of the afterlife
  • additional staff will become trained and experience for research
  • advertising materials to let the general public know about these resources that can help them understand the afterlife, afterlife communication, and the nature of reality
  • educational programs, curriculum materials, group-discussion materials and other such learning aids for those wishing to explore further
  • development of videos, podcasts and radio programs to distribute the information to more people

The programs will be self-sustaining. There will be charges for the materials.

Funding Needs and Project Details

Startup expenses will be $1,623,886.

Project details are available upon request.