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Donations, Bequests, and Use of Funds


Humankind will live in peace, love, and harmony when people in all cultures know that death is not the end of life, our life purpose is much greater than the infinite striving for infinite wealth, and we are all one.  Afterlife communication and education will enable people to learn these truths.

The greatest obstacle to that becoming a reality is the lack of funding for afterlife research, development, and education. After you have provided for your family in your will, consider making a bequest that will enable the Afterlife Research and Education Institute to fund the dedicated researchers, developers, and educators as they strive to bring life-changing knowledge about the afterlife to humankind but are restricted by lack of funds. You will play a very important role in bringing light to a darkened world.

The Afterlife Research and Education Institute, Inc., is an IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contact R. Craig Hogan, PhD, President, at

Donor-Advised Funding Arrangements

AREI can set up a donor-advised fund. A donor-advised fund allows donors to make charitable contributions to gain an immediate tax advantage, then give recommendations and preferences for grants from the fund on the funder’s schedule over a certain period of time. AREI will guarantee that the donor has control over the use of the funds and will jointly identify worthwhile projects matching the donor’s interest that fit with AREI’s mission. The funds can grow tax-free during the time they are held by AREI. AREI can establish a separate foundation within the AREI structure.

Options for Funders

AREI is a 501(c)(3) organization that will use donations to support afterlife researchers, educators, and developers. The results may have the funder’s name associated with them or not, at the funder’s discretion. Funders will be given the following funding opportunities or another arrangement preferred by the funder:

  1. Funders may contribute to AREI as an organization. AREI will sponsor and successfully complete carefully vetted, important afterlife research, education, and development projects. AREI will provide reports to the funders about the projects and disseminate results.
  2. Funders may provide a partial funding amount for a particular research or development project, and others will provide the rest. AREI will manage the project, using their funding and funding from others to complete the afterlife research, education, or development project, and disseminate results.
  3. Funders may provide full funding for a particular research or development project, and AREI will manage the project and disseminate results.
  4. Funders may fund a project directly with the researcher or developer, so AREI just links the two and then bows out of the process, offering assistance at all points in the project’s design, accomplishment, and dissemination.
  5. Funders may become involved with AREI in afterlife communication initiatives, funding projects as they are interested, or helping AREI locate funding for projects. We want to work with partners in this important work and have no motivation for ownership, territory, or exclusivity.
  6. Funders may bring a project proposal in afterlife studies or afterlife communications that they have received to AREI for our input, evaluation, and project management, if desired.
Contact AREI for more information:
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