Connecting with People Unable to Communicate 2016-07-18T12:06:31-05:00

AREI is supporting efforts to communicate with the eternal minds of people unable to communicate through physical realm means, such as by talking or movement. Examples include people with severe autism, with Alzheimer’s, in comas, profoundly mentally disabled, and so on. AREI will seek funding to enable more research in this important area of mind-to-mind communication to advance. Examples of current activities follow:

Sonia Rinaldi, M.S.

    ~ Sonia has successfully communicated with an autistic child and her own father during their sleep. Working with a team of physicians and other healthcare professionals, Sonia is expanding her studies to working with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

Bonnie Crosier

    ~ Member Bonnie Crosier has communicated telepathically with a woman unable to communicate over several months before and after her passing (book: A Falling Star).

Joe Higgins

    ~ Joe Higgins, an AREI member and medium, has communicated with the eternal minds of people in coma and with Alzheimer’s.

AREI will be encouraging more such exploration. Eventually, we believe every hospital and hospice should have the means of communicating with people unable to communicate through conventional means, whether that is through the breakthroughs in ITC Sonia Rinaldi is making or through mediums, intuitives, and guided hypnosis of family members.

Be Involved in This Group

If you want to be informed about what this group in AREI is doing, send an e-mail to Explain your special interests in communication with people unable to communicate through normal means on the earth plane. We will keep you informed about developments you can learn about or be involved in.