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Educating the World about the Nature of Life and the Afterlife

Most people today have a limited, outdated understanding of the nature of reality and our place in eternity. They do not understand the reality that we are spiritual beings having a brief physical experience.  AREI supports the researchers and educators who are working to help humankind learn the truth. Eventually, their effort will help change humankind.

Helping Humankind Evolve by Teaching the Realities of the Afterlife

Dennis Grega, PhD

Dennis Grega, PhD is a compilation of information on a wide variety of topics related to life after death (the afterlife). The researcher administering the data compilation is Dennis Gregga, PhD. The information is freely accessible on the Internet. The libraries of information provide the knowledge people need to develop their understanding of the nature of life and the afterlife. AREI is working with and to create a series of educational materials that will teach people about the basic questions people have concern life and the afterlife.

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Recording Afterlife Voice Contact in a TV Docu-Series

Todd Moster

Todd Moster

Todd Moster is a writer, producer and director with a background as a prosecutor and law firm partner. Todd Moster plans to produce a TV docu-series to help people realize we survive death with our personalities intact, and hard science can prove it. The TV docu-series will engage researchers in designing and testing equipment and procedures that result in successfully recording dialogues with people living in the afterlife. The recordings are called electronic voice phenomena (EVP) or instrumental transcommunication (ITC). The series is titled The Afterlife Files. 

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