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Making Afterlife Connections Widely Available

People change when they have afterlife communication experiences. They are comforted knowing their loved ones are alive and well, and they lose their fear of death because they realize our lives continue after we leave the earth plane. AREI supports efforts to help people experience afterlife connections with their loved ones living on the next plane of life.

Making Medium Readings Widely Available to Heal Grief

Michelle Szabo, RMT

Michelle Szabo, RMT

Voices Across The Veil makes afterlife communication experiences available to  a wide range of people. A small group of 6-10 people meets online with a tested and verified world-class medium via easily set up video conferences. Each person receives a communication from a loved one living on the next plane of life. The fees are 15% to 30% of what they would be for individual readings with a qualified medium. Voices Across the Veil provides an easily accessed, affordable way for people around the world to experience personal communication from loved ones who have crossed over.

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Teaching People How to Have Their Own Afterlife Connections

R. Craig Hogan, PhD

R. Craig Hogan, PhD

Under the project direction of Craig Hogan, AREI president, AREI has developed an online training program that enables anyone to connect with loved ones living on the next plane of life. It uses a form of self-relaxation to bring the experiencer into a state in which the connections may occur. It then teaches the experiencer how to allow free, open unfoldment so messages can come through from the loved one. The experiencers fill out journals after each stage that are submitted to AREI. AREI reads each journal and coaches experiencers to help them learn how to have an afterlife connection by allowing free unfoldment.

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Psychotherapists Heal Grief with Client Afterlife Connections

Psychotherapists today realize the spiritually transformative experiences their clients have are often communication with the loved one for whom the client is grieving. Pioneering psychotherapists have refined methods of helping their clients have afterlife connection experiences with their loved ones that heal their grief. AREI has supported development and dissemination of the methods to help people reduce their grief and realize that the transition from the earth plane is just a normal stage of their loved ones’ and their eternal lives.

Healing Grief with Psychotherapist Guided Afterlife Connections

Rochelle Wright

Rochelle Wright, MS, lMHC

Rochelle Wright originated the Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy method. The procedure uses bilateral stimulation to bring the client into a state of mind in which afterlife connections with the person for whom the client is grieving occur. The Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy method is 98% successful in helping clients have afterlife communications that are successful. The client’s grief is reduced from a high rating of 10 on a ten-point scale at the beginning of a session to scores of zero to three at the end of one session.

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Physical Mediumship Dramatically Reveals the Afterlife

In a physical mediumship session, often called a seance, a group of people sit together in love and harmony. They sing and laugh and generally have a wonderful time. That raises the group’s vibration to the point that people in spirit are able to perform actions in the room: showing lights, moving objects, speaking clearly, and even materializing. AREI regards the dramatic demonstration of the presence and abilities of the people in spirit to be some of the strongest evidence the world can experience that will prove life continues after people leave the earth plane. As a result, AREI supports the physical mediumship circles and development of the mediums’ abilities.

Demonstrating the Reality of the Afterlife with Physical Mediumship

AREI's Seance Room

AREI’s Seance Room

In physical mediumship, the events are so remarkable that they prove to the experiencers that the afterlife is a reality and communication is possible. When many physical mediumship groups exist, people can attend the meetings and experience the phenomena that will demonstrate for them the reality of the afterlife and afterlife communication. The physical phenomena can be spirit lights, raps, knock, touches of the sitters, odors, movement of objects, objectives dropping out of nowhere into the room, full or partial materializations, voices that come out of a trumpet, the air, or a voice box created by the spirit team, table movement and levitation, and other such phenomena

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