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AREI Financial Support Needs

The Afterlife Research and Education Institute, Inc. (AREI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to supporting research and education activities that enable people to have afterlife connections. These experiences change people. Eventually, the spiritual evolution from widespread afterlife connections will engender a humankind that lives in love and peace. AREI needs support to carry on its work in this endeavor.

R. Craig Hogan, PhD, President

The Center for Spiritual Understanding, Inc.

AREI incorporated the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Center for Spiritual Understanding as a prototype for centers that will provide meeting places for people to have uplifting teaching events, discussion groups, and support groups. The centers will have resources for afterlife communication, including mediums and Guided Afterlife Connections Grief Counselors.

These meeting places will teach new perspectives on the end-of-this-life transition and give people going through the transition and their families the uplifting understanding that the transition is a normal part of life, that they will have joyful reunions with loved ones already in the afterlife, and that the separation from loved ones on the earth plane is temporary.

The first Center for Spiritual Understanding is planned for Bloomington, Illinois. Studies after three years will confirm that the community requires less of the expensive end-of-life hospital services and hospice care and reports having more peace and happiness as a result of the presence of the center.

Symposiums and Conferences

AREI has organized four annual conferences and symposia bringing enlightening experts in afterlife studies and afterlife communication together to network and educate the general public. The meetings teach people about the transition to the next life, life in the next life, and communicating with loved ones who have gone ahead. AREI teaches up to 550 people at each gathering and makes the recorded sessions available.

Online Education Groups

AREI has a rapidly gowing calendar of online meetings using the Zoom service. The meetings are models for the potential to have people from around the world learn about this life and the next from experts and people who have had remarkable experiences. Currently, the following groups meet regularly:

  • Weekly speakers on the afterlife
  • Global discussion of afterlife issues
  • Australia/UK/Europe discussion
  • Afterlife voice recording practice
  • Mediumship development
  • Spirit art
  • Physical mediumship for new circles
  • Physical and mental mediumship
  • Energy experiments
  • Preservation committee
  • Love after life

Read detail about the online discussion groups

Facebook Discussion Groups

Social media today reach vast numbers of people. AREI makes use of social media to teach people, especially young people, the uplifting truth that they will never die, love lives forever, and they can live their lives in harmony. These are the current Facebook groups:

  • Afterlife research and education
  • We don’t die discussion group
  • Soul mates l Soul explorers
  • Love after life
  • Afterlife topics and metaphysics
  • Evidence for the afterlife
  • Sacred dance with trance

Read detail about the Facebook discussion groups

Supporting Afterlife Research and Education

  • Locating foundations and individuals who will fund afterlife work
  • Encouraging researchers and educators by providing funding

Other Ongoing Activities

  • Networking researchers
  • Providing resources to preserve afterlife information
  • Publishing books on the afterlife
  • Developing educational materials on the afterlife and afterlife connections
  • Performing research on instrumental transcommunication
  • Developing and teaching new methods of afterlife communication
  • Supporting efforts to help people understand end-of-this-life transitions
  • Supporting discussions and  exploration of the new spirituality
  • Developing and translating websites for afterlife workers

Planned Future Activities

  • Developing a database of afterlife workers
  • Developing a database of speakers and other resources for local groups
  • Developing a curriculum of courses on afterlife studies

Financial Needs for 2019


Salaries   $236,000

Operating Costs

Building   $160,000
Utilities and Upkeep   $17,000
Publications   $25,000
Miscellaneous   $5,000


Travel   $25,000

Grants to Encourage Development

Grants   $25,000

Funding Required