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When people have afterlife communication experiences, they realize we are eternal beings having a physical experience together. They lose their fear of the natural transition called death, have more compassion for others, and feel their lives
have meaning and purpose.

They become transformed people.

Today, highly educated and accomplished scientists, researchers, technologists, engineers, physicians, psychologists, and others are developing the science of afterlife studies and afterlife communication.

The truths they are learning will set humankind free.

With your support for advancements in afterlife studies and afterlife communication, we can help people lose their fear of the end-of-this life transition, reduce their grief, reestablish fulfilling relationships with loved ones in the afterlife, and grow to realize we are spiritual beings having a physical experience together.

When all people learn the truth, humankind will live together in love, peace, and joy.


AREI supports the dedicated researchers and educators teaching people we are spiritual beings who live on after so-called death and teaching people how to communicate with loved ones living in the next realm of life.

Contact AREI for more information:
information@afterlifeinstitute.org, 800-690-4232, 309-808-2651