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Humankind is undergoing a momentous change. We now know, without doubt, that we continue to live after our end-of-this-life transition. Today, afterlife researchers are developing ways to communicate with loved ones now living in the afterlife.

The experience of having afterlife communication convinces people they need not fear the end-of-this life. They realize there is more to life than these few moments on earth, and their loved ones who have made the transition are alive and well. They come to value relationships over the endless pursuit of acquisitions, feel more compassion for others, and believe their lives have meaning and purpose.

They become transformed.

As communication with loved ones in the afterlife becomes commonplace, humankind will be transformed.

Humanity will live together in love, peace, and joy.

When all people learn the truth, humankind will live together in love, peace, and joy.


AREI supports the dedicated researchers and educators teaching people we are spiritual beings who live on after so-called death and teaching people how to communicate with loved ones living in the next realm of life.

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