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Humankind will live together in love, peace, and joy when most of the seven billion people on earth grow to have deeply felt love and regard for all others. This profound change in humankind requires transformed lives, one individual at a time.

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Afterlife Knowledge Transforms Lives

People live transformed lives when they know without doubt we are spiritual beings who should live together in love. That conviction will result from individuals’ having the transformative experience of communicating with loved ones living on the next plane of life. People will then realize we live on after so-called death. When people commonly communicate with loved ones who have transitioned off of the earth plane, establish new, fulfilling relationships with them, become convinced that life continues after death, and learn to trust the counsel given to people on earth from the other realms of life, they will grow to have the conviction that they are eternal beings; their nature will become other-centered and loving. Living in love, joy, and peace will be the natural course for their lives.

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AREI Is Dedicated to Helping Humankind Change

AREI was created to support the dedicated researchers, developers, educators, and practitioners who are teaching people the realities of the afterlife, providing evidence that people live on after so-called death, discovering new methods people can use to have successful afterlife communication, refining existing methods, and teaching people how to use the methods.

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Your Funding Will Support Afterlife Research, Development, and Education

Your funding is the key that will open the door to reveal the truth for humankind. The primary impediment to making advancements in afterlife education and communication that will change humankind is the lack of financial resources. Funding is virtually nonexistent for efforts to improve afterlife communication, teach people the proof that death is only a transition, and teach people about our true nature as spiritual beings having a physical experience. If we are to progress in the effort to change the hearts and minds of large numbers of people so the change is felt in humankind, we must provide financial support for the afterlife researchers, developers, educators, and practitioners.

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AREI’s Management of Donations and Projects


Humankind will live in peace, love, and harmony when people in all cultures know that death is not the end of life, our life purpose is much greater than the infinite striving for infinite wealth, and we are all one.  Afterlife communication and education will enable people to learn these truths.

The greatest obstacle to that becoming a reality is the lack of funding for afterlife research, development, and education. After you have provided for your family in your will, consider making a bequest that will enable the Afterlife Research and Education Institute to fund the dedicated researchers, developers, and educators who are now struggling because of lack of funding as they strive to bring life-changing knowledge about the afterlife to humankind. You will play an important role in bringing light to a darkened world.

The Afterlife Research and Education Institute, Inc., is an IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contact R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D., President, at r.craig.hogan@afterlifeinstitute.com.

Donor-Advised Funding Arrangements

AREI is willing to set up a donor-advised fund. A donor-advised fund allows donors to make charitable contributions to gain an immediate tax advantage, then give recommendations and preferences for grants from the fund on the funder’s schedule over a certain period of time. AREI will guarantee that the donor has control over the use of the funds and will cooperate in identifying worthwhile projects the funder is interested in that AREI agrees fit with AREI’s mission. The funds can grow tax-free during the time they are held by AREI. AREI can establish a separate foundation within the AREI structure from which the funder will request that funds be withdrawn for use on projects and whose name (or the name of the individual funder) can be given as sponsor of the project.

Options for Funders

AREI is a 501(c)(3) organization that will use donations to support afterlife researchers, educators, and developers. The results may have the funder’s name associated with them or not, at the funder’s discretion. Funders will be given the following funding opportunities or another arrangement preferred by the funder:

  • Funders may contribute to AREI as an organization. AREI will sponsor and successfully complete carefully vetted, important afterlife research, education, and development projects. AREI will provide reports to the funders about the projects and disseminate results.
  • Funders may provide a partial funding amount for a particular research or development project, and others will provide the rest. AREI will manage the project, using their funding and funding from others to complete the afterlife research, education, or development project, and disseminate results.
  • Funders may provide full funding for a particular research or development project, and AREI will manage the project and disseminate results.
  • Funders may fund a project directly with the researcher or developer, so AREI just links the two and then bows out of the process, offering assistance at all points in the project’s design, accomplishment, and dissemination.
  • Funders may become involved with ASCS in afterlife communication initiatives, funding projects as they are interested, or helping AREI locate funding for projects. We want to work with partners in this important work and have no motivation for ownership, territory, or exclusivity.
  • Funders may bring a project proposal in afterlife studies or afterlife communications that they have received to AREI for our input, evaluation, and project management if desired.

Contact AREI for more information:
information@afterlifeinstitute.org, 800-690-4232, 309-808-2651

Afterlife Research, Development, and Education that Needs Your Support

Sonia Rinaldi, M.A.

Recorded Voices of People in the Afterlife Provides Convincing Evidence

Brazilian researcher, Sonia Rinaldi, M.S., is helping people connect with loved ones in the afterlife by recording their voices. Her discoveries are changing people’s lives. Sonia has been developing electronic means of recording voices of people living in other realms, such as the afterlife, and people on the earth plane unable to communicate because of limitations such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, ALS, and profound nonverbal autism. She has been able to video record the images of deceased people, pets, and entities living on other planes.

Sonia has been recording the voices since 2001, relieving people’s grief and showing them we are eternal beings having a physical experience. To date, she has

  • Provided grieving parents with hundreds of voices of children no longer on the earth plane
  • Recorded the voices of the personnel in the other realms who are making the communications possible
  • Recorded the voices of adults on the next plane of life
  • Recorded utterances from the minds of people unable to communicate because of
    • severe nonverbal autism
    • ALS
    • dementia
  • Recorded the spirit of an unborn child

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Rev. Sheri Perl

Recorded Voices of Deceased Children Prove to Parents Their Children Live On

Rev. Sheri Perl is using Instrumental TransCommunication to record the messages from children who have passed away to their parents. She calls the work “Lost and Found.” Sheri is using the North American Station for transmission and recording the voices on her laptop. The voices are most often one to three words, with some very clear statements and some less clear because of limitations of the signal coming from the Station. This is a very early time in the development of our link to the North American Station on the other side. Anyone who listens to the voices must understand that many are difficult to hear and some can be heard only by a trained ear. We’re expecting the transmissions to be clearer as the Station matures.

Sheri asks parents who want to connect with their children in spirit to call her. She puts the phone up to a recording microphone so the parents can ask their children questions. Sheri records the questions and the background noise. The parent and Sheri don’t hear the child respond at that time. When Sheri plays back the recording she has made, the child’s response may follow the parent’s question. The responses are often difficult to hear. Sheri shares only those she can verify as clear enough to be heard easily.

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AREI’s Physical Mediumship Room

Research in Physical Mediumship to Demonstrate Dramatically and Undeniably the Reality of the Afterlife

In physical mediumship, physical things happen in a room connected with the afterlife. The events are so remarkable that they prove to the experiencers that the afterlife is a reality and communication is possible. When many physical mediumship groups exist, people can attend the meetings and experience the phenomena that will demonstrate for them the reality of the afterlife and afterlife communication.

The physical mediumship occurs when a person with unique physical mediumship talents is present in a room with a group of people, called “sitters.” There may be more than one physical medium. The group meets regularly, usually once a week, for years, developing harmony among themselves and with a spirit team dedicated to working with them. After a period of time, that could be eight or ten years, physical phenomena begin to occur. The physical phenomena can be spirit lghts, raps, knock, touches of the sitters, odors, movement of objects, objectives dropping out of nowwhere into the room, full or partial materializations, voices that come out of a trumpet, the air, or a voice box created by the spirit team, table movement and levitation, and other such phenomena.

Research that Will Demonstrate to People the Reality of the Afterlife

Today, a variety of physical mediums and mediumship gatherings, called “circles,” are emerging and growing around the world. AREI has its own circle with a physical medium and three trance mediums.

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Rochelle, Wright, M.A., LMHC

Psychotherapists Help Clients Have Afterlife Communication with Loved Ones

Rochelle Wright, M.S., LMHC, CDP, NCC, EMDR Certified, is a Washington-state licensed psychotherapist who has used her professional, scientific training and credentials to connect people with the loved ones for whom they are grieving. They become transformed human beings, seeing themselves, others, and the transition called death differently.

Rochelle has developed a procedure named Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy being used by state-licensed psychotherapists that reduces grief in a single session for 98% of clients by helping them have afterlife connections with the loved ones for whom they are grieving while in the psychotherapist’s office. Rochelle has trained over 100 psychotherapists to use the procedure. It is a remarkable breakthrough in the field of grief therapy that has a profound effect on clients. When it is more widely available, it will alleviate grief for many people and demonstrate for them that they and their loved ones live on after so-called death.


  • One study of the procedure shows that the procedure reduces grief from scores of 10 on the 1- to 10-point scale of distress the client is experiencing to scores of 0, 1, or 2
  • The procedure is now being used by over 100 psychotherapists with great success
  • New psychotherapists are being trained at the rate of 20 a year.

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William Peters, MFt, M.Ed.

Helping Families Grow in Love and Wisdom by Sharing Loved Ones’ Passings

The group was full of supportive information that served as a comfort to me and created the container in which to process my grief. In a society that doesn’t address crossing over questions, one can be left feeling bewildered and alienated after loss of a loved one. The group explores, acknowledges, and supports all the unanswered questions. It opened the door to another dimension that I hope others will get to experience through this important work.
~ Jeannie R.

The Shared Crossing Project gives great comfort and confidence to people about to make the death transition, helps them by having family members share the experience, and draws families closer together in spiritual understanding and maturity through the shared crossing. The Shared Crossing Project was founded by William Peters, a marriage and family therapist at the Family Therapy Institute of Santa Barbara. William specializes in end-of-life activities and afterlife connections. The organization offers education and counseling for individuals and families interested in understanding death as a profound psycho-spiritual experience and preparing for a conscious, connected, and loving end-of-life experience.

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Michelle Szabo, RMT

Reducing Grief by Making Medium Readings Widely Available

Voices Across The Veil makes afterlife communication experiences available to  a wide range of people. A small group of 6-10 people meets online with a world-class medium via easily set up video conferences. Each person receives a communication from a loved one living on the next plane of life. The fees are 15% to 30% of what they would be for individual readings with a qualified medium. Voices Across the Veil provides an easily accessed, affordable way for people around the world to experience personal communication from loved ones who have crossed over. Voices Across the Veil

  • Provides healing to many grief-stricken, confused and lost people who might otherwise not have the opportunity to experience afterlife communication
  • Demonstrates to people the reality that life continues after the transition called death
  • Allows many people to experience other’s afterlife connections to teach them about the reality of the afterlife and change their spiritual view of themselves and others
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Dennis Grega, Ph.D.

Providing the Public with Revealing Information about the Afterlife


AfterlifeData.com is a compilation of information on a wide variety of topics related to life after death (the afterlife). The information is freely accessible on the Internet, and provides the knowledge people need to develop their understanding of the nature of life and the afterlife.

AfterlifeData.com is the largest database of afterlife description and analysis on the internet. The 80-source database contains the largest correlation of spirit communications about life after death. The results of the research comparing accounts of the nature of the afterlife in the AfterlifeData.com archives show 94.4% agreement on 265 very specific afterlife topic areas, demonstrating the validity of the information.


AfterlifeLibrary.com was created in 2011 to provide a resource for researchers and laypersons alike about the existence of and evidence for life after death and related subjects. It has been visited by people from 160 countries. It presently contains almost 3,000 books covering 6 categories (Afterlife, Consciousness, Paranormal, Reincarnation, Religion, Science) and 49 sub-categories.

More about Rochelle Wrights work . . .

R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D.

Teaching People How to Have Their Own Afterlife Communication

Craig Hogan, president of AREI, has developed an online training program that enables anyone to connect with loved ones living on the next plane of life. It uses a form of self-relaxation to bring the experiencer into a state in which the connections may occur. It then teaches the experiencer how to allow free, open unfoldment so messages can come through from the loved one. The experiencers fill out journals after each stage that are submitted to AREI. Craig reads each journal and coaches experiencers to help them learn how to have an afterlife connection by allowing free unfoldment.

Approximately 86% of those who go through the stages in the training have afterlife connections. The method is named Self-Guided Afterlife Connections. It is available through any standard Web browser on the Internet and is free. The method has now been experienced by thousands of people. We continue to evaluate and refine it to help people learn how to make their own afterlife connections with loved ones.

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Todd Moster

A TV Docu-Series Showing Electronic Voice Contact Is Valid

Todd Moster is a writer, producer and director with a background as a prosecutor and law firm partner. Todd plans to produce a TV docu-series to help people realize we survive death with our personalities intact, and hard science can prove it. The TV docu-series will engage researchers in designing and testing equipment and procedures that result in successfully recording dialogues with people living in the afterlife. The recordings are called electronic voice phenomena (EVP) or instrumental transcommunication (ITC). The series is titled The Afterlife Files. 

The Afterlife Files TV docu-series of 12 half-our episodes will feature parapsychologists, afterlife researchers, mainstream scientists, sound engineers, and families mourning lost loved ones, who will be involved in the actual sessions of recording voices and images of people who have died. The researchers and scientists will validate the results and set up research designs to test them. The sound engineers will fine tune the equipment to get the best results. And the families of loved ones will have dialogues with them and verify that it is their loved ones that are communicating.

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Ann Clark, Ph.D.

Studying the Period of Life Between Lives

Dr. Ann Clark is the Director of Research for The Newton Institute for Life between Lives®. The Life between Lives procedure (LBL) was developed by Michael Newton to connect a person with his or her soul self to expand each person’s understanding of himself or herself as a spirit having a physical experience in earth school. The Institute explains that ach of us is much more than the physical aspect we can see. We are a combination of the energies, experiences and learnings of countless previous lives; each life a set of contrasting experiences that embody the variety of lessons our inner, eternal self seeks to learn in its quest for development and perfection. That core, eternal self, always searching for growth and new levels of understanding, is our soul self.

Michael Newton’s research enabled him to assemble a model of the spiritual realm. He documented consistent reports from thousands of clients of the existence and incredible support offered by countless Higher Beings in the inter-life; personal guides and teachers, all ready to guide each one of us through and between each life. Wisdom and insights anyone can now access through LBL Hypnotherapy.

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Leslie Flint
Direct-Voice Medium

Making the Insights from Leslie Flint’s Afterlife Recordings Available to Humankind

Leslie Flint, a direct-voice medium during the twentieth century, was involved in thousands of experiences in which people spoke to deceased loved ones and the deceased responded in normal conversations. Their voices did not come through the medium’s mouth or from anyone else present. The people whose loved ones came through all expressed with certainty that the voices were their loved ones’ and that they had had conversations with the real, living person, although they had been dead, at times for decades.

Today, there are thousands of recordings of people living in the afterlife speaking about conditions of life there, their personal experiences, the nature of reality, and truths about spirituality. The recordings are in various collections. AREI’s goal is to obtain all of the recordings to archive them, transcribe them to make the insights in them available to the public, and make the recordings available.

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AREI Is Engaging in a Variety of Ongoing Afterlife Research, Development, and Education Support Activities

Annual Symposium for Afterlife Researchers, Developers, and Educators

The 2018 Afterlife Institute Symposium is bringing together 33 experts in afterlife studies, afterlife communication, end-of-this-life activities, and the new spirituality to share what they are doing to transform humankind and educate the general public about the truths we know today about our eternal lives.

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AREI Activities Supporting Afterlife Research, Development, and Education

AREI members are actively supporting activities in support of afterlife researchers, developers, educators, and practitioners. AREI’s mission is to help these tireless workers change lives, and in the end change humanity.

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Contact AREI for more information:
information@afterlifeinstitute.org, 800-690-4232, 309-808-2651